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Launch aTube Catcher and keep it running in the background. Then go to YouTube and select the video to start playing it. Pause the video and copy the link from the URL field. Now go back to aTube Catcher and paste the link into the Source field.

You can choose to save the video anywhere on your PC or external devices by clicking on the Browse button and picking a location. We'll just save this one to the desktop. You can also select the format you want to save the movie in from the drop-down menu. aTube Catcher has another function for converting an existing FLV file into a different format. Just select the option, browse to the video you want to convert (pause) and choose a save location.

Now lets get back to downloading that brilliant squirrel video. Highlight the download option again and click on the Download button. Just wait a moment and aTube Catcher will let you know when it's done. Click 'Yes' and the clip will load in your default media player. You can also open the video by double-clicking on its icon.

There's plenty more you can with aTube Catcher so do have a look at the Tools menu and play around with some of the options in there. Remember, the program also works with lots more video sites other than YouTube.

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